Virtual Reality System for Work Environment and Safety Awareness Training to Protect Vulnerable Health Sector Work force

Current State

Key Issues

Outdated Platform

Medical professionals take training exams online through an outdated platform.

Worksite-related Injury

Surgeons face an 80% chance over the course of their career in developing a worksite-related injury.

Treatment Cost

In one instance of one injury the resolution and treatment can cost upwards of $450,000 dollars.


Time surgeon is away (avg ~100 days) is lost revenue from redirection of service line.

Our Approach

VRMD provides a software solution that integrates surgical room safety and risk with OSHA/CDC compliance & regulations in a highly effective manner, and extremely low-cost.

3-D medical work site model to allow for realistic experience while to performing various routine medical tasks with associated risk

Capture critical elements present in medical work environment and provide unique in time experiential training

Democratizes access to best practices from centers of excellence to ensure holistic medical worker safety

Decreases downstream safety costs, while providing valued metrics for administrative auditing and reimbursements purposes

Our Friends

VRMD is supported by a number of the most important medical organizations & universities throughout the country.